Google’s Pixel 6A with Tensor out-Appled Apple’s iPhone SE

As soon as Google announced the Pixel 6a, most tech blogs started the inevitable Pixel 6a vs. iPhone SE 2022 specs comparisons, asking which would “win” the budget battle. The Pixel gives you a bigger screen and an extra ultrawide camera, while the iPhone has incredible performance and longer software support for a mid-range price.

But in my mind, this question doesn’t really matter unless you define your identity by supporting the “best” tech brand. Apple won’t actually lose sales to the Pixel 6a. There’s very little overlap between iPhone SE buyers who want a Home button throwback and future Pixel 6a buyers looking for a simple stock experience and Google’s revamped camera AI. The only throughline is the one-handed design and similar price.

Google followed Apple’s playbook by offering uncompromised performance inside a budget handset.

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