Epic Games Store Reveals New Free Game for June 2022

The Epic Games Store reveals the first free mystery game for June 2022, and it’s not what the popular theories predicted.

Tea Epic Games Store is currently running its Epic Mega Sale promotion, and as part of that promotion, EGS users are being treated to new free mystery games every week. The Epic Games Store got the ball rolling with Borderlands 3which was followed up by BioShock: The Collection. A popular theory suggests that the next Epic Games Store free game would be Grand Theft Auto: Vice Citybut it turns out that theory wasn’t accurate.

The latest Epic Games Store free game is none other than Wolfenstein: The New Order, which is free for users to claim from now until next Thursday, June 9, at 10:00am CT, at which point it will be replaced by the next free game. The Epic Games Store free mystery games will continue for at least one more week, as the Epic Games Store is not letting fans know what next week’s free game will be in advance, so fans will just have to boot up the launcher on June 9 to find out.


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For those who may be unfamiliar with Wolfenstein: The New Order, the game was originally released in 2014 by MachineGames and Bethesda. It serves as a reboot of the classic first-person shooter franchise Wolfensteinearning strong reviews and revitalizing the series. Wolfenstein: The New Order was followed up by a standalone expansion called The Old Blood as well as a full-fledged sequel called Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

Epic Games Store Free Games June 2022

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order (until June 9 at 10:00am CT)

What’s interesting about Wolfenstein: The New Order being the free game this week is that it blows a hole in one of the main theories fans have had about the Epic Games Store mystery games. Borderlands 3 was the first free mystery game, while BioShock: The Collection was the second free mystery game. Both those games were published by 2K Games, which resulted in many fans assuming that all the free mystery games would be 2K titles.

However, Wolfenstein: The New Order was published by Bethesda, so that’s clearly not the pattern Epic Games is going with when it comes to the free mystery titles. This means that the next Epic Games Store free mystery games are going to be more difficult to predict, but it also means that just about anything can be one of the free mystery games.

Epic Games Store users have at least one more free mystery game to look forward to, but it’s possible that there will be two more. The Epic Mega Sale is wrapping up on June 16, so it’s unclear if Epic Games will mark the occasion with one last free mystery game, or if it will go back to its normal routine of showing fans the free games in advance. Whatever the case may be, Epic Games Store users will find out come next week.

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