So long Apple Lightning charge

So long Apple Lightning to charge. As much as we love Apple, its Lightning chargers can be a real headache. The pesky cords only work on Apple products and that often means having to carry around more cables than you’d like to avoid losing juice. Well, the European Union has also had enough and it’s finally called time on Apple’s proprietary connector.

A full decade after the Lightning cable was introduced, the EU has finally passed a rule that all smartphones must have the same charging port, making all chargers interchangeable. Specifically, the ruling will require all smartphones in the EU to have a USB-C charging port, so it’s goodbye to the Apple Lightning charger – at least for those of us in Europe (if you’re an Apple user and need to restock on the latest tech, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best Apple deals).

RIP, Lightning chargers (Image credit: Sky News)

The ruling has been on the cards for some time, although Apple put up a strong fight. European Commission vice president Margrethe Vestager said the aim of the rule was to reduce waste from technology, reducing the number of cables needed. It doesn’t affect only phones either – tablets, e-readers, cameras, headphones, handheld games consoles, speakers and headsets will all have to sport the USB-C charging port, allowing cables to be more readily interchanged.

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