Scott launches all-new, all-aero Foil

The previous Scott Foil was a true all-rounder. Not as aero as the best aero bikes, not as light as the best climbing bike, but a very capable racer. The new Scott Foil appears however to have gone back to Aero School, and come out the other side as a transformed machine, with new tube shapes, fork and proprietary parts.

Of slew of new bikes that we’ve seen (officially or otherwise) in the run up to the Tour de France from Canyon, Trek, and Pinarello, the new Scott Foil is perhaps the biggest departure from its forebear so far. Sure, the new Madone has a whacking great hole at the back end, but it still appears to be an all out aero bike, something which the new Foil seems to be aiming for now too.

A side view of the front of the new Scott Foil

The tube shapes are all visibly deeper (Image credit: Scott)

The fastest Scott road bike

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