Subway Worker, Customers Ignore a Rude Karen

During the social distancing and stay-at-home orders that have been enacted in response to the pandemic, food service workers reported a massive increase in rude customer behavior that appears to have persisted long after the pandemic was over. A restaurant even closen for “a day of kindness” to help raise awareness of the mistreatment its employees have received from unruly customers.

The “customer is always right” philosophy was adopted by American businesses at the start of the industrial revolution and seems to have transformed some of them. American buyers in a “nightmare” for companies and their employees long before the pandemic; the pandemic seems to have exacerbated it. Perhaps the advent of smartphones and the prevalence of public panics becoming opinionated fodder on social media have helped bring these human behaviors into greater light.

One such incident was recorded in a Subway location by TikToker @chalie_kincade. In the video, a woman asks a worker to “finish” her sandwich. The woman was eventually ignored until she had no choice but to leave the store.

@charlie_kincade I felt so bad for the waiter. She was doing her job and this woman started yelling at her. #KarenGoneWild #SheWasHangry #Respectyourservers #TheAudacityOfThisWoman #ThisIsSadAF ♬ original sound – Charlie

“Finished my sandwich!” the woman shouts at the worker at the start of the video.

The metro employee cuts her off: “No, I’m not finishing because you have to respect me.

“Well, you have to respect your customers. And I’ll tell them you don’t respect your customers. Would you like to finish my sandwich? she shouts again.

This is when the woman starts looking around because she is not receiving any service. The worker goes on to make sandwiches for two other customers. “Charcuterie trio,” asks one of the other customers.

“Hello can i help You?” the worker asks another, while the irate customer tries to get his attention.

“Can I have a 6 inch white loaf, uh?” says the other customer.

The angry customer walks around a little nervously before pressing her finger against the glass, demanding, “Finish my sandwich!” No one answers, and she finally leaves, muttering, “Okay, you’re going to be exposed, that’s for sure.”

She arrives at the front door and is about to open it to leave before returning to the worker. “Call your…call your supervisor right now.” Please call her now,” she asks. “You wanted to call her a while ago, call her now. …I’d like to talk to him. Nobody recognizes her.

“Grilled, no cheese. Grilled,” continues one of the other customers.

The angry customer then leaves the store.

@chalie_kincad’s video has been viewed 2 million times. Commenters applauded the way employees and customers treated the “disrespectful” woman. Many believed that whoever was inside the subway that day had discovered an effective method of dealing with “Karens” in the wild.

“The way everyone ignored her, she had to question her own existence, I love that!!!!!” one said.

“They just ghosted her and she didn’t know what to do so she left, the best thing she could have done,” said another.

“She was so embarrassed at the end,” said a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to @charlie_kincade via a TikTok comment.

*First published: September 6, 2022, 7:29 a.m. CDT

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