Kim Kardashian’s next gig: Wall Street investor

She is teaming up with Jay Sammons, a former Carlyle Group executive, to launch SKKY Partnersa new venture that will invest in fast-growing businesses across multiple sectors, including hospitality, media and consumer products.
The fund has not yet started to raise funds and SKKY has revealed little about its ambitions. However, the duo told the the wall street journal that SKYY will make “both control investments and minority investments in the businesses”.

“What’s exciting is sitting down with these founders and finding out what their dream is,” Kardashian told the Journal in an interview. “I want to support what it is, not change who they are in their DNA, but just support them and take them to a different level.”

Sammons left Carlyle this summer after a 16-year stint, during which he invested in several well-known brands, including streetwear label Supreme and Beats by Dre. He has been associated with the Kardashian family for several years and approached them with the idea. Kris Jenner, Kardashian’s mother and manager, will join SKKY as a partner.

The Kardashian-Sammons duo make a complementary team, they said. Sammons has two decades of investment acumen and Kardashian is arguably the most popular woman in the world, thanks to her TV stardom and portfolio of activities. This could help SKKY attract businesses and promote the brands the company invests in.

Kardashian launched Skims, a clothing company valued at about $3 billion after another fundraiser earlier this year.
Last year, Forbes reported that Kim officially became a billionaire thanks to Skims and her KKW Beauty makeup line. It holds cash, investment and real estate assets.

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