Taco Bell Fans Have Picked the Discontinued Item to Return in 2022

A group of passionate fast food fans can rejoice today.

After announcing on September 27 that he would bring back a menu item removed, Taco Bell revealed on Friday which one it will be and when you can catch one. Word of the winner comes after customers vote in Taco Bell’s app for the Double Decker Taco or Enchirito.

Make a plastic drum roll with a fork and a knife, please. The nerdy, burly and sassy Enchirito beat his opponent, winning 62% of the vote when voting closed on Thursday. Fans cast more than 760,000 votes, according to Taco Bell.

Although the fast food chain previously said the item would be returning for a limited time, I didn’t expect it to be this limit. The Enchirito will be up for grabs from November 17 to November 30. (That gives you about two weeks to review the dish.) You’ll be able to order it online, for delivery, through the Taco Bell app, or through in-store newsstands nationwide, depending on the restaurant.

Taco Bell discontinued the Enchirito in 2013. The savory item consists of a soft flour tortilla loaded with beef, beans, and onions, which is rolled up, coated in red sauce, and topped with cheddar cheese.

If McDonald’s is also one of your favorite fast food places, you can stop now for a box lunch for adults or, at the end of October, a bucket boo.

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