Plainview boutique owner sold counterfeit items worth over $40 million

Nassau police arrested the owner of a store in Plainview on Tuesday and seized more than $40 million worth of clothing in what authorities called the largest counterfeit clothing bust they had ever seen.

Detectives say they uncovered an entire operation in the basement of Linny’s shop, where clothes were stamped with high-end names. Police said the items were counterfeit and were being sold online and in the store by owner Lindsay Castelli, of Smithtown.

The store contained thousands of fake Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Dior garments that were pressed under seal. Police say they also found 22 heat presses.

“A simple $10 sweatshirt — you put the Chanel brand on it, it sells for $5,300,” Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said. “They would take a $3 hat…and sell [it] for $300.

After receiving information from sources, police conducted an 18-month investigation involving surveillance and undercover shopping at the store. Police said further investigation revealed the items were also being sold on a website they operated and being shipped to consumers.

Castelli turned herself in to Nassau County Asset Forfeiture Detectives on October 7.

Castelli was charged with trademark infringement. She is due back in court on November 2. If convicted, she faces up to four years in prison.

News 12 went to Castelli’s home for comment, but there was no response. His neighbors also did not comment.

Carole Rutkovsky, from Plainview, says she bought items from the store and feels “totally betrayed”.

Bonnie Furman, of Melville, says she paid $50 for a Chanel sweatshirt from the store and felt it was fake.

“It was never the kind of thing that I would believe was real. But it said Chanel…I never thought it was high quality,” she said.

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