G4 TV Is Being Shut Down Only A Year After Being Relaunched


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One month after undergoing several layoffs and key departuresthe ill-fated attempt to restart the 2000s gaming channel G4 TV is over, with its owners announcing that they will shut down the network.

As Deadline reports, an email was sent today to the remaining staff by David Scott, the CEO of parent company Spectator, a division of Comcast. In that memo, Scott “explains that the company’s investment and efforts to relaunch the network simply haven’t gained traction.”

Deadline also indicates that “a few dozen employees and contractors are affected by the closure”. It was all the network had left after a round of “major layoffs” took place last month:

The timing and severity of the cuts took staff by surprise, with talent showing up on set today ready to film only to see programming canceled as HR reps met one-on-one with employees. While the extent of the layoffs is unclear, a source said those affected were told they would receive between 16 weeks and six months of severance depending on their tenure at Comcast, the parent company of G4.

Despite assurances in a later broadcast that “there were no plans to cut the channel’s programming”, xplay host Indiana “Froskurinn” Black and Attack of the show! co-host Kevin Pereira also left soon after.

“It’s been going on for a long time,” Pereira said of his departure. “I know there’s been some wacky happenings in the ether lately, but months and months and months back, this time it was sort of decided. The show darkens for two weeks and returns. I won’t be here. Sorry.”

Scott’s full email, obtained by Deadlinebed :


As you know, G4 was reintroduced last year to capitalize on the popularity of games. We invested to create the new G4 as an online and TV destination for fans to be entertained, inspired and connect to gaming content.

Over the past few months, we’ve worked hard to generate this interest in G4, but viewership is low and the network hasn’t delivered sustainable financial results. This is certainly not what we hoped for and therefore we have made the very difficult decision to halt G4 operations, effective immediately.

I know this is disappointing news, and I’m disappointed too. I want to thank you and everyone on the G4 team for the hard work and commitment to the network. Our Human Resources team contacts you to provide support, discuss other opportunities that may be available and answer any questions you may have.

Thanks again for all your hard work for G4.


David Scott

President and CEO

Comcast Show

The memo, unsurprisingly given its timing (sent on a Sunday evening), could have been handled better:

UPDATE: The Washington Post Nathan Grayson says the termination was done so suddenly this “former G4 employees who requested anonymity due to signing non-disclosure agreements told The Post that staff were banned from internal communication services like Slack and Google Drive without an immediate explanation.

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