93-year-old specialty Bay Area bakery permanently closes

A 93 year old man Oakland The bakery served its latest cashew curls, Danish fruit pies, German chocolate cakes and other sweets on Sunday.

A Taste of Denmark, which opened as Neldam’s Bakery in 1929, was considered the cornerstone of the East Bay and the source of countless childhood memories. Now it’s permanently closed due to rising rents and operating costs, co-owner Ramon Luna said KPIX Saturday. The bakery attempted to raise the prices of its baked goods to combat the effects of inflation, but ultimately could not make ends meet.

“You know, a lot of customers didn’t complain about the price increase. It’s not that much,” Luna said KPIX. “It’s just that the price increases haven’t really helped us, because the ingredients have kept going up.”

Employees have just been informed of the closure on Friday.

“Going out of business,” read a sign in the window of the Telegraph Avenue bakery. “Last day Sunday October 23.”

A fruit boat served at A Taste of Denmark.

Shao-Lon Y./Yelp

Danish immigrant George Neldam opened the bakery in its original version just before the onset of the Great Depression, but the family business has stood the test of time and developed a steadfast following of foodies.

“Butter pound cake is pretty much the tastiest thing in the world,” Johnnie Butler, 83, says the Chronicle at the bakery’s 75th anniversary party in 2004. Butler said she grew up a few blocks away and became a regular at Neldam’s when it opened. “You can smell the butter in every bite. I’ve been eating it since I was just [a] little girl. If all that butter was really bad for you, I’d be dead by now.”

When Neldam’s Bakery closed in 2010, three former employees, including Luna, decided to take the helm, preserving the familiar recipes and renaming the bakery A Taste of Denmark. Over the years, the bakery has made thousands of wedding and anniversary cakes, according to its website, and dozens of customers have mourned the loss.

“A Taste of Denmark is closing today and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like crying” wrote a Twitter user.

“Oakland loses all commodities,” wrote another one.

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