The McRib is back, but possibly for the last time, McDonald’s hints

(NEXSTAR) – Over the past few years, McDonald’s has brought back the fan-favorite McRib for limited-time stays at its restaurants. The McRib is making its annual return again this fall, but it looks like it will be the sandwich’s last hurrah.

In 2019, McDonald’s sold the McRib at 10,000 of its 14,000 locations in the United States before making it available nationwide in 2020 for the first time since 2012. He made a limited-time appearance again last year.

The sandwich, which debuted on menus in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1981, became cult for decades, thanks in large part to its fleeting and sporadic appearances in restaurants. Speaking about its elusiveness, Mike Bullington, McDonald’s senior records manager, said in a press release last year that the sandwich was designed to be “enjoyed during the coldest seasons”.

McDonald’s also previously revealed that the sandwich rarely appears on its restaurant menus because it is “a local option based on customer demand”, according to a tweet from 2017 of the society.

According to a product description for the McRib on McDonald’s websitethe return of the sandwich in 2022 is unique: it’s “the McRib Farewell Tour”.

“Order yours in the The McDonald’s app for delivery or pickup before saying goodbye to you on 11/20/22. Savor our famous pork sandwich as if it were your last!” the list reads.

While McDonald’s won’t say the exact day the sandwich will be available, several restaurants nationwide are telling Nexstar the sandwich will be on their menus early this week. Nexstar has contacted McDonald’s for comment, but has not yet received a response. Before heading to your nearest location to get a McRib (or two), you might want to call ahead to check availability.

This is just the latest fan favorite McDonald’s has brought back this year. Earlier this month, he rolled out his iconic Halloween Happy Meal buckets.

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