My Costco side hustle made me $6K in one trip – here’s how

He turned Scrabble into “Monopoly”.

Not only can people save money at Costco, but they can also apparently earn a ton. A California TikTok influencer claims he made $6,000 in a single trip to the store by buying and reselling a vintage Scrabble game.

A video detailing his system-side “gaming” Hustle currently has thousands of views on TikTok.

“This is how I made $6,000 at Costco,” reads the caption of the clip, which was posted by WeFlipItAll, a retail arbitrage firm that teaches people how to make big money reselling items on Amazon. Accompanying images show the We Flip It All founder in the Costco parking lot “waiting for the store to open,” so he can implement his retail-to-wealth agenda.

According to the tutorial, the entrepreneur purchased the Vintage Wooden Monopoly Scrabble Deluxe Game Set with Lazy Susan in bulk for $29.99 each. He then resold the unopened games on Amazon for $100 to $120 each, making over $6,000 in profit, per clip.

And while it’s unclear exactly how the dealer attained gambling and fortune – he smartly saves this for his Los Angeles-based company’s online courses – he explained in other videos how he uses Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (Execution by Amazon). This service allows business owners to ship their “products to Amazon fulfillment centers and when a customer makes a purchase,” they “pick, pack, and ship the order,” according to the site.

“We can also provide customer service and process returns for these orders,” explains the e-commerce giant.

Using FBA, aspiring entrepreneurs can buy cheap items from other sites, rebrand them, and then sell them on Amazon for a much higher price, earning thousands of dollars from home with minimal effort.

The We Flip It All founder is waiting for Costco to open so he can buy and resell board games.

Of course, as with all get-rich-quick schemes, there are some caveats to the hustle and bustle on the Costco side. On the one hand, it requires a subscription to the store with the lowest cost users $60 per month.

Additionally, the individual Amazon seller plan costs 99 cents per unit sold while the professional plan costs users $39.99 every month regardless of how many items they sell. by Amazon. Therefore, it probably only makes sense if people are selling 40 or more items per month.

Additionally, while Amazon takes care of the packaging and shipping, additional seller, shipping, and FBA fees may apply.

The influencer was able to buy the Scrabble games for $29.99 each and resell them on Amazon for between $100 and $120.
The influencer was able to buy the Scrabble games for $29.99 each and resell them on Amazon for between $100 and $120.

Despite the potential obstacles, many people are scrambling to find parallel scrambles in light of the current inflation crisis, which has seen consumer prices leap from the wallet. 8.2% year over year last month.

Last week, a TikTok went viral after detailing how people can earn $180,000 a year donating their poo to science – literally turning poop to gold.

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