Tesla’s smaller, two-door Cybertruck design was hiding in plain sight

The design of the smaller variant of the Tesla Cybertruck seems to be hiding in plain sight. As some eagle-eyed EV enthusiasts recently noticed, Tesla has shared a pretty cool version of its futuristic all-electric pickup truck in its exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Tesla’s exhibit at the Petersen Museum is expansive, as it highlights the company’s history, as well as the products and innovations that have helped it become a dominant force in the electric vehicle industry over the years. year. Being an upcoming vehicle that has generated a lot of excitement, the Tesla Cybertruck was widely featured in the exhibition. Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, was even interviewed in the Cybertruck column.

The Cybertruck section of the exhibit included a sketch of the vehicle, which was installed near the futuristic pickup truck. The sketch is particularly interesting because it depicts a pickup quite different from the massive Cybertruck prototype unveiled in late 2019 or the updated Cybertruck alpha units that were later spotted in California. Unlike Tesla’s prototypes, the vehicle in the sketch was a two-door Cybertruck.

A number of things stand out from the sketch of the two-door Cybertruck. For one thing, the vehicle looks more compact than the Cybertruck prototypes Tesla has built so far. Its cabin still looks spacious and airy thanks to its long windshield and short hood. Its bed, which is also covered with a barrel, also seems capable of carrying a lot of cargo despite the seemingly more compact size of the vehicle.

The two-door Cybertruck design shown in the Petersen Automotive Museum sketch has received a lot of positive feedback from the Tesla community, with some noting that they actually prefer the more compact look of the all-electric pickup. Thankfully, the idea of ​​Tesla launching a smaller Cybertruck in the future isn’t far-fetched at all.

Elon Musk himself has said so in the past. Following the unveiling of the original Cybertruck prototype in late 2019, Musk was asked on Twitter if Tesla would be willing to make a more compact version of the Cybertruck down the road. Musk responded positively to the survey, noting that “in the long term, it probably makes sense to also build a smaller Cybertruck.” If such a vehicle resembles the sketch of the two-door Cybertruck, then Tesla would likely have another bestseller in its lineup.

The sketch of the two-door Cybertruck could be seen in several parts of Franz von Holzhausen CNBC interview at the Petersen Museum. A video of the interview can be viewed below.

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The smaller design of Tesla’s two-door Cybertruck was hiding in plain sight

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