Army announces Future Long Range Assault Aircraft contract award | Article

WASHINGTON — The U.S. military has awarded the contract for the future long-range assault aircraft to Bell Textron, Incorporated.

“I am thrilled to be part of this momentous day for our Army,” said Doug Bush, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology. “The thoughtful and disciplined execution of FLRAA program strategy will provide the transformative capabilities we need to sustain joint force, enhance deterrence and win in multi-domain operations.”

The Army launched the FLRAA program in 2019 as part of its Future Vertical Lift initiative to replace part of its assault and utility helicopter fleet. The FLRAA is intended to eventually replace the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, which has been in service for more than four decades.

“This sub-selection represents a strategic pivot for Army Aviation toward the transformative speed and range our Army needs to dominate future battlefields,” said Major General Walter Rugen, Director of the Future Vertical Lift cross-functional team. “Prototyping and risk reduction efforts have allowed the Army to significantly reduce the time it takes to arrive at today’s announcement.”

The FLRAA will expand the depth of the battlefield by extending the reach of air assault missions and allowing ground forces to converge through decentralized operations over long distances. The range and distance capabilities inherent in the FLRAA will ensure mission success through tactical maneuvering at operational and strategic ranges.

“I am very proud of the entire team and our aviation partners,” said Major General Robert Barrie, Program Director General, Aviation. “They have worked diligently to ensure the Army delivers a new vertical lift capability that meets its modernization goals.

The Army followed a deliberate and disciplined process in evaluating the proposals to ensure rigorous consideration and fair treatment of both competitors.

“Our ability to support this essential Army Aviation modernization program is a testament to the exceptional commitment and capability of our contracting professionals across the acquisition workforce” said Joseph Giunta Jr., senior contracting officer for Army Contracting Command-Redstone Arsenal. “The FLRAA award enhances our ability to maximize the range of authorities available in our contracting toolkit to meet high-priority Army needs.”

By implementing reform initiatives granted by Congress and designed to streamline the procurement process, this contract will provide virtual prototypes that can be updated quickly and inexpensively. These virtual prototypes will directly support design, integration, training and development testing activities.

As the Army transforms to face an uncertain future, the FLRAA is one of many modernized capabilities that will help ensure the Army of 2030 is ready and able to win when the nation calls.

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