CES 2023: all the news from the year’s biggest tech conference

CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is the biggest tech show of the year, kicking off the first week of January and setting the stage for trends, announcements and product categories. we’ll see throughout 2023. The show will give us a look at the latest developments in TVs and laptops, useful (and sometimes invasive) smart home gadgets, and plenty of phones, monitors, cars and smart toilets in between.

For 2023, CES takes place from January 5 to 8. But the news will start rolling in before that: Samsung, LG, Sony and more will kick things off with a day of press conferences on January 4. And you can bet companies eager to post their news will start sharing announcements even earlier in the week. The start of the new year is going to be busy.

The edge will cover CES on the ground in Las Vegas. You can follow here for all the latest news and lots of hands-on video coverage from the show. After a few quieter years – CES 2021 was online-only due to the pandemic, and CES 2022 saw only a quarter of typical trade show attendance due to omicron issues – the Consumer Technology Association, which organizes CES, expects this year’s show to be more of a comeback, with busier lobbies and plenty more news to circulate.

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